About Evergreen

Our Story

Based out of Summit County, Colorado, Evergreen has it's sights set on working with and sponsoring non-profits in the area, teaming up with artists who are inspired by the outdoors for new and creative graphics, and meeting with other folks throughout the community.

Evergreen started at the beginning of 2020, during a tumultuous time for everyone. As the small side project at the beginning of the year, Evergreen had goals of becoming a part of the community and giving back to the environment. Now partnered with, OneTreePlanted; a non-profit organization that will donate trees around the world to help in the reforestation effort with each purchase, we've come closer to that mission.

Throughout the year, we've built a successful ecommerce presence and are ready to move to in store sales (coming November 2020). We're excited for what's in store come 2021!