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Our Story

Hi, my name is Justin Makkay, founder of Evergreen Equipment Company. First off, welcome and thank you for stopping by. I started Evergreen while on a mission to follow my passion for the outdoors and if you made it to this page, we probably share the same passion. From a young age I knew I wanted to be apart of a community that gave back to the environment. After leaving college, I did what most young graduates do and got a corporate job, moved to a big city, and started chipping away at the 9-5 daily grind. I knew almost right away that this wasn't the lifestyle I wanted for myself. After lot's of thinking, planning, and tough decisions, I finally put myself in a position to leave that lifestyle behind and commit myself to living Evergreen's brand full time.

My mission is simple. I want to connect creative, like-minded, passionate individuals in an effort to build a brand that everyone knows as a staple for giving back to it's environment and community. As a concrete part of that mission, I've partnered Evergreen with OneTreePlanted; a non-profit organization that will donate trees around the world to help in the reforestation effort with each purchase.

Currently based out of Summit County, Colorado, I've got my sights set on working with and sponsoring non-profits in the area, teaming up with artists who are inspired by the outdoors for new and creative graphics, and coordinating events throughout the community to bring like-minded brands and organizations together.

If you or someone you know sound like a good fit to work together, reach out! I'd be happy to get together and see what ideas we can come up with. Best place to reach me is evergreenequipmentco@gmail.com or @evergreen.eec on Instagram. Talk to you soon.